install kaspersky already purchased

How to Install Kaspersky Already Purchased?

  1. See that your computer meets system requirements for Kaspersky internet security.
  2. Also, check previous internet security installed in your computer
  3. If you have any previous antivirus, then it is advisable to remove that antivirus form your computer
  4. Further, close all working app.
  5. You can download Kaspersky Anti-Virus installation package from the Kaspersky Lab website, or through the link which you receive in email from online store.
  6. Now run installer.
  7. Hold on till you get latest version of the application or click on Skip.
  8. Click Continue, on welcome screen.
  9. Thoroughly go through Kaspersky Lab End User License Agreement. When you agree with all terms & conditions, choose corresponding checkbox.
  10. Well, if the terms of End User License Agreement are not accepted, the app will not be proceeded further to get installed.
  11. Now, click link to see Privacy Policy. It will open in browser window. If you accept it, choose following checkbox.
  12. To proceed further click on Accept button.
  13. Thoroughly go through Kaspersky Security Network Statement. Click on Accept if you agree with all of its terms & confirm your selection in the pop-up window.
  14. However, if you do not need to engage in Kaspersky Security Network, click on Decline.
  15. Thoroughly go through Statement concerning data processing for marketing purposes. Click on Accept if you agree with all of its terms & confirm your selection in pop-up window.
  16. However, if you do not need to send data for marketing purposes, click on Decline.
  17. Carefully read up the information in window & click on Install.
  18. Now you’re to hold on till installation process is done.
  19. Choose or clear check boxes for suggested settings, & click Apply →done.
  20. Well, now Kaspersky Anti-Virus is installed. So, to begin application, click Run Kaspersky Antivirus.

Kaspersky Setup Process with Product Key:

  1. The user needs to sign in to Kaspersky as mentioned over there & follow some simple steps.
  2. First of all, user has to go to
  3. In case user just isn’t signed in, they will be sent to sign-in page. Therewith utilization of user name & password, signal in procedure will be complete. In case user is new to Kaspersky set up, he or she may have to complete register procedure first.
  4. Upon signing in, various merchandise names will be given. An individual can choose any merchandise name as per their suitability. In case user needs to install brand new antivirus software, he or she can click input PIN or product key & start download.
  5. Also, various options are there for different browsers.
  6. This way Kaspersky Antivirus is installed & activated.

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