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How to Download & Install Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Mobile?

Android Mobiles have become a necessity of everybody. Individuals can satisfy their each and every task just by a single tap. It is available in a variety of models, and carries a great and advanced feature, along these lines because of advanced, often viruses, malware, and other internet worms are automatically coming into reality. In this situation, the users ought to Download and Install Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Mobile to secure their gadget.

Well, these days various types of antivirus are available in the market. Among all, Kaspersky Lab Software is one of the prominent and fantastic antivirus software, which gives the best insurance against from all kinds of infection, threat, and malware. The software is broadly used by the majority of individuals all across the world. So, in the event that you also want to secure your Android Mobile from threats and other online viruses, so use or Install Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Mobile to keep secure.

Get Simple Steps to Install Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Mobile:

Follow given guidelines to quickly Install Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Mobile.

Step 1: Download Kaspersky Internet Security Software

First, you will need to download Kaspersky Internet Security in your computer.

Then, open your Smartphone device, & go to Kaspersky Lab site, & then download Kaspersky Internet Security according to your choice.

Step 2: Installation Process

After, download file, open file “.apk extension” on your mobile, where you downloaded file as usually saved.

Then verify information which will permits Kaspersky Mobile Security, & you will see dialog box seems which ask “Do you need to install this app?”

Next, tap on “Install” key.

From window of the “Application Installed”, you have to tap on “Open” option.

Next, you have to go through license agreement process, & tap on “Accept” button. In any case, if you don’t need to accept conditions, then you can tap on “Decline” button.

Then you will see welcome window, so choose your country. Click on “Next” button.

Step 3: Activate your Device Administrator

Now, you should read information about self-defense of your Smartphone device & Anti-Theft feature, & then click on “Next.”

Click on “Activate” button on “Activate device administrator” window.

Step 4: Setup Kaspersky Account

Then select option for “I have a Kaspersky Account” from “Remote control of Anti-Theft” window if you have Kaspersky account.

Or if you have not an account, then select “Create a Kaspersky Account” & then sign in web portal.

You may need to enter all need information to sign Anti-Theft web portal & name of your device which you wish to display on web portal.

Click on “Sign in” key.

Step 5: Activate Antivirus

Now it’s time to set date & time correctly before following process for activating Kaspersky Mobile Security. Type an activation code to activate antivirus, but if you don’t have an activation code, then you can click on “continue” button.

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